The Election of the Pope and Mike Madigan

Pope Francis was elected by a majority of the Cardinals of the Catholic Church.

Mike Madigan, IL Speaker of the House for 30+ years, was re-elected Speaker by 100% of the Democratic representatives. 100%. In a state that declares itself broke. Even Madigan himself repeats the Illinois-Is-Broke claim.

Madigan and Pope Francis

Pope Francis was declared the living representative of Jesus Christ on earth by the vote of the College of Cardinals of the Holy, Apostolic, Universal, Catholic Church. He serves to help the poor, educate the children, cure the sick in mind and body, feed and cloth the hungry and those in need, aid the elderly, and more – much more.

Madigan and the Pope

Mike Madigan has gotten the State of Illinois into the position it is in today after 30+ years as Speaker of the House of Representatives. He cuts legally earned teacher benefits such as pensions, destroys schools by underfunding them, hurts children by mandating expensive and meaningless high stakes tests while reducing funds for school nurses and other necessary staff, fires excellent teachers by utilizing methods that have no bearing on their actual abilities and contributions, closes mental health clinics, reduces food and health services for needy children, ignores the special needs of children whose needs are most, and more – much more.

To prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that life in often unfair, Madigan received 100% of the vote by Democratic representatives to be re-elected as Speaker of the House.

Anyone who feels he is doing this unjustly may pursue it through the IL Attorney General’s office. She is his daughter. Lots of luck. Attorney General Lisa Madigan is demanding “police powers” to violate the state constitution’s pension protection clause: the bill being brought to the IL Supreme Court concerning this horror was endorsed by Mike “Daddy” Madigan. The state is so broke according to Lisa, her office has the right to violate its own constitution out of economic necessity. What about the hundreds of millions of dollars per corporation per year that Mike Madigan approves as special gifting and incentives to his buddies and these same corporations that fund Mike? Ask Lisa.

Is there a humorous side to this? No. Unless the the Pope also had a daughter.


(Warning: Sarcasm Ahead)

But, if we pretend that there IS a humorous side to this…

Madigan Pope surprise




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1 Response to The Election of the Pope and Mike Madigan

  1. Gary Reilly says:

    Excellent blog. Madigan’s failed at Retail and should fail at politics soon.

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