Teachers Celebrate! The Illinois Supreme Court has unanimously declared unconstitutional the state’s pension cutting law.

“The Illinois Supreme Court has unanimously declared the state’s pension reform (cutting) law unconstitutional.
Friday’s decree puts new Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner and Democrats who control the General Assembly back at the starting line.”
The State Journal-Register


‘The General Assembly may find itself in crisis, but it is a crisis which other public pension systems managed to avoid and . . . it is a crisis for which the General Assembly itself is largely responsible,’ the unanimous opinion states.”
The Chicago Sun Times

“Justice Lloyd Karmeier writing for the court. ‘It is our obligation, however, just as it is theirs, to ensure that the law is followed. That is true at all times. It is especially important in times of crisis when, as this case demonstrates, even clear principles and long-standing precedent are threatened. Crisis is not an excuse to abandon the rule of law.’
(This) violates the state’s constitutional clause that pension benefits ‘shall not be diminished or impaired,’ the Supreme Court affirmed Friday.”
Pensions & Investments Online


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9 Responses to Teachers Celebrate! The Illinois Supreme Court has unanimously declared unconstitutional the state’s pension cutting law.

  1. The GOP governor of Illinois will probably try to strip the power of the state’s supreme court and set himself up as the state’s dictator for life.

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  3. Steve Ruis says:

    Congratulations, Ken! You fought the good fight!

  4. Rick Johnson says:

    Gov. Rauner may use this court ruling as a “crisis” in the spirit of Milton Friedman’s belief that in a crisis the people are willing to let the free-market come in and save them. Naomi Klein calls this “disaster capitalism”. In this case, Rauner will propose privatizing the public schools as a way to relieve the state of the burden of teachers as state employees, therefore, eliminate pensions. Current pensioners will all be gone by around 2055, and this crisis will be but a distant memory.

  5. dolphin says:

    Reblogged this on Dolphin.

  6. Bob Serody says:

    It was inevitable that the Illinois Supreme Court would have to provide a judgement that the cutting of teachers pensions is unconstitutional. Too bad it takes so long to decide these things, but this decision renews faith in the justice of safeguarding our constitutional rights.

    • Ken Previti says:

      The republican governor and the democratic super-majority House and Senate, under the influence of the billionaires in the private Civic Committee of the Commercial Club of Chicago, are presently planning on writing a constitutional amendment. Our constitutional rights depend on the courts who decide and the lawmakers who make laws and constitutional amendments.
      Yes, we won a major battle that we never thought we could win, but the battle was a delaying victory. The next battle will be equally vicious in intent.

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