The Supreme Court won’t let him hurt teachers this way, so here is a new (old) attack.

Hypocrite and IL Senate President John Cullerton, faced with a unanimous decision last Friday by the Illinois Supreme Court that the pension cutting bill signed by him, the Senate, the House and the governor was unconstitutional, offers a new attack. He knows no shame.

“Lawmakers returned to the Capitol on Tuesday facing renewed pressure to overhaul the state’s employee pension system after the Illinois Supreme Court struck down a law aimed at sharply curbing benefits, with Senate President John Cullerton proposing an updated version of a plan he floated two years ago.”
Chicago Tribune

A failed Cullerton re-run.

Remember? Cullerton admitted aloud on the Tribune’s WGN radio station that there is no pension crisis and that no real financial help to Illinois would come from cutting teacher and other public pensions.

Cullerton WGN radio

Read the Tribune article from 10/20/13. Listen to his WGN interview. Read about how and why the “pension crisis” was set up to hurt active teachers by stealing 9.4% of their gross income via their paychecks and by stealing money from retiree pensions.

This is the way domestic terrorists work – the Shock Doctrine. Select victims. Steal from (underfund and damage) pension and education funds to reduce the teacher scapegoats to sacrificial victim status, a status undeserving of their earned income. Empty the teaching profession and destroy any possibility or desire by dedicated people who might wish to become career teachers. Frighten away potential, future career teachers before they even major in education at the college level. Redistribute pension and education funds to the incredibly wealthy campaign donors who pay you to do this. Call their payoffs “incentives” or anything but payoffs. (In Chicago and all of Illinois these robber barons belong to the super-wealthy, private Civic Committee of the Commercial Club of Chicago.)

Hey, Cullerton! Go suck a lemon. This didn’t work before, and it won’t work now.


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