A billionaire walks into a bar…

NEA President Lily Eskelsen Garcia publicly announced that NEA would not take money from Billionaire Bill Gates and his foundation. Then the NEA, with her consent, took money from Gates. She and NEA continue to take that money.

Why? Garcia stated that taking money from Gates is “complicated.”

drunk billionaire

This reminds me of a story

“There was an after-work, impromptu party in a bar for a young woman who had just received a promotion and a raise. As the party ended and people left after midnight, she sat at the bar alone and was about to call for a cab to take her home.

Then, a limousine pulled up, and a billionaire staggered into the bar.

He saw her radiant beauty and joy and stepped right up to her. He was more than a little drunk, the front of his tuxedo and cummerbund was spattered with stains from food crumbs, previous drinks and drool as his extreme comb-over slid from side to side.

He called to the bartender for a scotch on the rocks for himself and one for the little lady.

As he flopped onto the stool next to her, he said, “I’m a billionaire; watch this.” He slid his hand into his pocked, removed a couple of hundred dollar bills and threw them onto the flame of a candle burner and watched them flare up. As the bartender brought the drinks, the billionaire threw a few more hundred dollar bills at him. “Keep the change.”

He turned back and leered at the young woman, and then said, “You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen, and I want you. If you spend the rest of the night with me locked in passionate embrace at my penthouse, I will give you one million dollars, cash if you prefer, with no strings attached.”

She was shocked!

One million dollars for the few hours left of tonight. She considered his iguana breath, the one million dollars, the fact that no one would know, the one million dollars, his limo, his comb-over, the one million dollars, and…

“Well, OK. Let’s go,” she whispered to him.

He replied, “Better yet, here is a hundred dollars; we can sneak into the restroom for a quickie.”


He calmly slurred, “We have already established that; now we are merely haggling over the price.”

NOTE: If this story offends you, please do not confuse the messenger (me) with the message. As a retired NEA teacher and dues paying member, I am fully aware of how our union and our country are being corrupted by money from so-called philanthropists and their so-called philanthropic foundations. Of course unions need money, but there are limits to what unions should do for money.

The National Education Association should refuse money from Gates and other corrupters.


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7 Responses to A billionaire walks into a bar…

  1. Bilgewater says:

    Good post. I was going to complete the phrase
    “A billionaire walks into a bar…”
    The bartender said “Next time you’d better duck.”

  2. Jon Awbrey says:

    Philand’ropists …

    • retiredbutmissthekids says:

      You mean villainthropists!
      And I’m still thinking of something appropriate to describe the NEA/IEA MISleadership. (That last one is the best I’ve been able to come up with thus far, but–never fear!–I can do better!)

  3. That was classic Ken! And it’s very true. The people who take this money from the reformers are no better than the reformers themselves. It reminds me of the scene in Band of Brothers when a German is pretending to be so shocked at an American soldier’s anger about the concentration camps. The American yells at him and says “Oh, you’re not a Nazi? My mistake, you (expletive deleted). What about a human being? Are you one of those, or are you going to tell me that you never smelt the (expletive) stench?” Those who allowed what has happened to education when they could have stopped it are just as complicit as those who arranged it.

  4. dolphin says:

    Reblogged this on Dolphin.

  5. Jon Lubar says:

    For me the real question here is if the money came with any strings attached. If so, what are they and is it an actual problem? If not, I’m TOTALLY in favor of using Bill Gates money against him. It’s what he so richly deserves since he’s using our political system against us.

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