Bad tests by any other name are bad tests. Enough is enough.

Several governors now find it to their political advantage to oppose Common Core State Standards, but they want to continue awarding the contracts for hundreds of millions of education tax dollars to their campaign donors who can manufacture new brand versions of the same state mandated testing swindle. Bad tests by any other name are bad tests.

CCSS rebranded

Chris Christie in New Jersey, Bobby Jindal in Louisiana, and Scott Walker of Wisconsin are busy peeling the old labels off of the extremely lucrative and totally unnecessary high stakes tests and materials (online programs, texts, teacher training, etc.) that were never necessary while today’s moms, dads, grandparents and great-grandparents were being educated. A few more past and present governors from other states (FL, AZ, NY, AK,) are also voicing support for rebranding high stakes tests for their own personal, political and financial benefits.

Scams are like that. If it’s new, supposedly high tech and expensive, it must be good? Nonsense.

Rebranding is what happened to chronic heartburn which is now called acid reflux. The drug store medication now costs more as the cause of the problem goes unchecked.

The only way to end this high stakes testing racket is to refuse the corporate education reform mandates which are supported by their corporate paid legislators. Opt out. Refuse.

Enough is enough.


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