#Savehpbeach. Rahm’s Park board is full of privatizers and hedge fund managers.

What does this have to do with pensions for active and retired teachers? We all know “Illinois Is Broke” and “Chicago Is Broke” according to billionaire Gov. Bruce Rauner (R) and Mayor Rahm Emanuel (D). The editorial boards of Tribune Services and WGN repeat the same message.
But we must become aware that what they say is NOT true; it’s not even close to true.
Thieves and liars who are too big to jail (for now) are behind the “Broke” propaganda.
Here is one dose of reality to all of those who repeat the word supply they parrot and echo.
“Also on the (appointed) Park District board is Don Edwards.
Don’t be surprised when I tell you that Edwards is a hedge fund manager.
He is the Managing Principal of Flexpoint Ford, LLC, a private equity investment firm with $1 billion under management focused on healthcare and financial services.
Before founding Flexpoint, Mr. Edwards was a Principal at GTCR, a Chicago-based private equity firm with more than $6 billion under management. During his eight-year tenure at GTCR, Mr. Edwards served as head of the firm’s healthcare investment effort.
You remember GTCR?
That’s Bruce Rauner’s private equity firm.
You also might recall GTCR and its healthcare investment efforts from when it came under investigation for fraud in connection with the deaths of patients in their nursing homes.
No surprise that the voice of corporations is well represented on Rahm’s Park District board.”
Please read all of Fred Klonsky’s superb blog.

Fred Klonsky


We went to the beach yesterday.

A couple of hundred other folks were there too.

It wasn’t really beach weather in Chicago.

In fact, it was cold, blustery and it had rained all morning.

There is still a sandy beach at our neighborhood’s Humboldt Park.

In past summers the beach would also have water. This summer the Park District Board has decided that our 40-year old beach is too expensive to maintain.

They call their decision a water conservation project and are removing the recreational facility from the park, claiming it will save a million dollars.

There is no other swimming facility for little kids in the area.

Nobody from the Park District board came to Humboldt Park  to explain to those gathered for the Beach Blanket Sit-in why it costs a millions bucks to fill the beach with water until Labor Day.

There has been water on that site since the park…

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