Rahmeconomics 101: taught by no teacher to anyone, anywhere…

Rahmeconomics 101 – Let’s see how this works?

1) Steal earned benefits, pension fund money, by repeatedly not paying it and using the money for give-aways to political cronies and their expensive projects. 2) Blame the victims of your theft – teachers and other public employees. 3) Fire a bunch of teachers and other public employees and pay “third party” consultants and corporate cronies even more for doing the same work. 4) Blame the victims of your theft. 5) Borrow money to cover your corruption and fiscal misdeeds, thus assuring that your cronies will make a bundle from the interest and fees of your new debt.

You know, like payday loans for corruption.

Rahmeconomics payday loans

How do I know for certain that no teachers anytime or anywhere have ever been stupid or corrupt enough to teach Rahmeconomics?

I am a retired teacher from the Chicago Public Schools and the State of Illinois school systems, and I extrapolated my estimate based upon my thirty-four years of personal information. If this doesn’t seem like a good way to figure out the results, it doesn’t really matter. Rahmeconomics will produce highly corrupt and immensely damaging results, and my extrapolated estimate hurts no one.

Illinois has jailed five governors, and it’s time to jail a mayor. Specifically, jail Rahm “Corruption Personified” Emanuel.


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