Trump distracts to make Jeb’s horrific record on education, etc. appear “normal”

Donald Trump serves a vital role for the corporate attacks against public services, especially public education, elderly and disabled people, children with special needs, earned and paid-for pensions, and other sane purposes served by a civilized society.

Donald Trump serves as a distraction to make Jeb seem like less than the corporate extremist he certainly is.

Trump distraction

Trump plays the angry, comic, side-show goon as Jeb plays the straight man in town after town. Jeb, meanwhile, steadily re-invents his own factual history regarding education and other issues. (We used to call this lying.)

Jeb condemns lobbyists in spite of his incredible pro-lobbiest history with Florida’s legalized, legislative corruption.

Jeb claims that he helps senior citizen voters even after he has cut away at their earned and paid-for benefits and pensions.

Jeb claims to be an anti-intellectual who doesn’t like or use big words even though he graduated Phi Betta Kapa and magna cum laude from the University of Texas at Austin.

Jeb claims to be the successful creator of the education reform “Florida Miracle” that never occurred.

(I call him Jeb because he himself has dropped his last name in hopes that no one will notice that his wealthy and connected father and brother were both recent presidents. Remember?)

READ David Sirota’s superb article in the International Business Times as he factualizes Jeb’s record with lobbyists and Florida’s pillaged pension systems.

Bush regularly sought public policy counsel from the Southern Strategy Group. That lobbying firm — which has employed former Florida officials and is among the top donors to Bush’s presidential campaign — was created by Paul Bradshaw, a former government official. Bradshaw’s wife, Sally, led Bush’s transition team before becoming his first chief of staff in 1999. (She is now a senior adviser to his presidential campaign.) Another member of Bush’s transition team, David Rancourt, served as Bush’s deputy chief of staff for less than a year before joining Southern Strategy Group. The firm would also hire former Florida House Speaker John Thrasher, a close Bush ally. Thrasher is now the president of Florida State University, where Bush delivered his anti-lobbyist speech…
Bush separately (had) approved
 a plan for corporate lobbyists to help his administration pass a bill exempting the state’s pension investments* from Florida’s open records laws.”

READ Wikipedia to discover Jeb’s personal education as a closet intellectual.

READ the brilliant Mercedes K. Schneider’s unveiling of the “man behind the curtain” of the educational “Florida Miracle” that never happened.

READ multiple account links showing how Jeb is dismantling public education as he promotes Common Core, CCSS, for immense private profit from tax dollars.

“Jeb Bush’s own highly profitable organizations, Excellence for Education and Chiefs for Change, were and are under state and federal investigation for ‘writing state education laws and regulations [for legislators] in ways that could benefit its corporate funders’ and Jeb’s campaign donors.”

No wonder Donald Trump’s bizarre behavior and comments are trumpeted in every form of corporate controlled media from NPR, the New York Times and Fox News. Trump is THE distraction intended to make Jeb appear like a regular guy in comparison. “Look at us; we shun extremists.” Yeah, sure.

If this were a TV “Reality” Show, it might be bizarrely amusing.
As a portent of America’s future, it bodes tragedy.

*NOTE: As a retired teacher living on my earned benefit, my pension, Jeb’s efforts to have everyone follow Florida’s Sunshine Laws (transparency in governmental actions) EXCEPT the state’s pension investments are loathsome to me. Laws for everyone except teachers and other state employees? Now, that is vile extremism meant to hurt me, personally.


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8 Responses to Trump distracts to make Jeb’s horrific record on education, etc. appear “normal”

  1. glen brown says:

    His girlfriend is an even bigger distraction.

  2. retiredbutmissthekids says:

    What a clown car! Anyway, am concentrating on the Dem primary. Next Wed., July 29th, is a plethora of planning events for Bernie 2016. Go to to find an event near you. The good/bad news is that events are filling up fast (many in the Chicago Metro area are filled to capacity)–sign up NOW! Bernie 2016.
    If we don’t organize, we’ll certainly agonize. Not one more election between the lesser of 2 evils.
    (As you’ve wisely said, Ken, “The lesser of 2 evils is still evil.”) No reason to take anything lying down–someone we wanted to run IS running, so get working (& donate whatever you can).

  3. sharsand2013 says:

    Forgive my grammar on my last post: I meant to say the link for “GoBernie” was NOT working at my end; and it should have been “are,” not “is” in the last sentence.

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