Brevard County School Board: $4 Million “improperly” paid for “undelivered” delivered software? Investigation needed…

Watch Brevard County School Board members Andy Ziegler and Karen Henderson engage in double-talk about paying $4 million of “improper” payment for undelivered “delivered” software. Ziegler wants to know the definition of “delivered” and then declares it a matter of “perspective.”

Has anyone called Florida’s Attorney General about this?

Here are details and source quotes from a superb summary by Darcey Addo.

Next we heard from two attorneys from Widerman Malek. They were hired to review the CrossPointe contract, the amendments, and the payments.

A summary of their findings include:

  • Millions of dollars of payments were “improper,”
  • Information should have been brought to the School Board by staff when the “contract started going sideways,” and
  • Terms of the contract were not defined before the contract was executed. 

They indicated: “When we receive invoices from Crosspointe/EDR, there should have been a procedure whereby staff ensured that software had been received before initiating those payments…”

Their findings indicate that many of the payments were “improper,” for example:

The same story of improper payments is found here, maintenance paymentswere made to maintain new software that was not delivered

And then there is the $280,000 unauthorized, improper advance payment: 

It sounds like this EDR situation is a giant mess if you listen to the Widerman Malek attorneys.

See HERE for the entire article.

These are NOT a few minor mistakes or oversights. $4,000,000 of tax dollars glibly excused as a perfectly fine “perspective” of “delivered” undelivered services by Andy Zeigler deserves an investigation by Florida’s Attorney General.

Where are the concerned citizen organizations requesting an investigation?

Watch Board member Andy Ziegler asking the Board of Education attorneys who were paid specifically to look into the payments they deemed “improper payments.” He ask them to define “delivered.” (No joke. The double talk he spouts seems absurd – $4 million worth of absurd.)

Watch Henderson, who was the Board Chair at the time of the agreement, say whatever it is she says. She is talking about $4 million of paid money with another $4 million coming due soon. OMG

Please share this with any and all concerned citizens who wish to request an investigation by the Florida Attorney General. $8 million dollars hangs in the balance.


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