$4 million dollars of education fund money was made as an “improper payment” for “undelivered” delivered software. Of course the Brevard County Board of Education members were aware of and approved this. Why is there any question of their responsibility? As elected officials, they are accountable for their actions.

Brevard County School Board

“The so-called contract for the multimillion-dollar software turns out to be little more than a company sale-order form, consulting attorneys found. It called for the new software to be ‘delivered’ upon receipt of a down payment. But it did not include prices or descriptions of items, payment or delivery dates, or a ‘scope of work’ for the contractor, the attorneys found.”

– Matt Reed, writer for Gannett Company’s Florida Today

The article continues: “Were they unfortunate mistakes that can be prevented in the future with policy? (That seemed to be the board’s consensus this past week.) 

Revising the story:

Andy Ziegler met with CrossPoint’s representatives and reviewed what appeared to be ready-to-go ‘modules’ for an upgraded web-based system, he said. As of this past week, computer code for 10 out of 11 modules had been installed, but only one was running.
Did Ziegler get snowed?”

“Revising the story” is actually part of the full Florida Today article written by Matt Reed. That is precisely what he did; he “Revised the story.”

As every person who has studied journalism knows, reporting is not supposed to make a slanted “story” about facts that need to be reported. This is how propaganda is written.

“…so-called contract… little more than a company sale-order form…”
Is reporter Reed an attorney who defines a contract versus a “so-called contract” and determines whether $4 million dollars was somehow properly approved by members of the elected school board? Where are the attorneys’ quotations (“improper payments”), the legal findings they delivered in writing?

” …unfortunate mistakes that can be prevented in the future…”
Well this certainly whitewashes any responsibility on the part of the elected Brevard County School Board members who approved payments of $4 million. “Mistakes that can be prevented in the future” drives right past who must be held accountable today.

“Did Ziegler get snowed?”
Once again, this framing of the argument makes Ziegler an innocent bystander who was merely “snowed” by some unscrupulous and unnamed charlatan. The pre-assumption is that the person Matt Reed endorsed, Andy Ziegler, for election in an earlier column is a mere innocent dupe. This is an argument to prove Ziegler an incompetent board member who could not possibly be held accountable.
Andy Ziegler was the main proselytizer for the CrossPoint contract, sale-order form, or “so-called contract” that has taken $4 million of education fund tax dollars away from paying for schools and the education of our children. One private company keeps their profits for “undelivered” delivered software.
That is a fact.

Are Brevard’s elected school board members going to be held accountable for the $4 million dollars, or will some lower level pencil pusher be scapegoated? Isn’t that what the usual political procedure is? Cover for the elected officials and blame someone nobody ever heard of.

Matt Reed, Florida Today and the Gannett Company should be ashamed of this spin and the “Revised the story” account that makes the Brevard County School Board members innocent even before an investigation by the Florida Attorney General begins. Shame!

For factual information of what the attorneys hired by the Board deemed “improper payments” during a Board of Education meeting, read Darcey Addo’s detailed and superb account HERE.

By the way, when will a citizens’ group make a formal request for an investigation?


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