Are you and your family being threatened by a governor who wants to cut funding?

Gov. Bruce Rauner,

Your attacks on my hard-earned teacher pension personally threaten me and my wife.

You are also unwittingly (?) threatening a degree of social unrest that frightens even your fellow conservative billionaires and yourself. The article in today’s Salon Magazine about fears of social unrest quotes billionaires Kenneth Langone, Johann Rupert, Peter Georgescu, Paul Tudor and others.

Even though I presently live in Florida, I have immediate family members and dear friends who live in Illinois.

Wake up before you hurt yourself and all the people around you.

Ken Previti

My long-time friend and education activist, Kate Singletary, has a simple and straightforward way to let individual billionaires, governors and billionaire governors know that this must end soon for the sake of all involved. Hand write a personal letter and snail-mail it. Personal letters humanize you and the message better than emails or petitions do. Here is her message via Glen Brown’s blog and the addresses for Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner. (Since he has nine personal mansions, it seems best to write him at his governor’s state mansion and office.)

Rauner sake

What is this about? What does this have to do with you in your state? What can be done to help your family and yourself?

Billionaire Gov. Bruce Rauner threatened to shut-down the the state government in Illinois even before he was elected. His threats and intimidation have now reached the hostage taking phase if he doesn’t get his financial way. Similar to foreign and domestic terrorists, he openly plans to destroy needed services for crippled children, seriously ill senior citizens, sufferers from PTSD and mental illnesses, etc. He continues to pretend that the created pension crisis involving the scapegoated victims (teachers and other public employees) of legislative pillage is his reason for his planned draconian public service cuts and government shut-down.

This self-destructive behavior pattern is being carried out in state after state. It is not some crazy conspiracy theory. It is openly being carried out in the wealthiest country in the word, and it is backed by immense corporate wealth and the individual billionaires who control it.

Wherever you live, please humanize yourself with a personal letter to one or more of the unwitting (?) governors who threaten you, your family and themselves.


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