The Hunger Games, Race to the Top, ECAA Bells & Whistles

Peggy Robertson and the leaders of United Opt Out National realize the political gambit, a minor exchange of a small compensation to gain full advantage, intended to make compromise appear reasonable while pushing forward the ultimate goal of dismantling public education for all.

Stephen Krashen - Hunger Games

Will public education for all be dismantled for the private profit of corporate education reform via the paid politicos in the U.S. Department of Education and Congress? Is compromise reasonable and possible?
Peggy Robertson addresses these questions.

“This revolution has the potential to tear down the test and punish system. It has the potential to demand and get equitable funding for fully resourced schools…

Compromise could potentially kill this revolution.  The energy and time it takes to negotiate a compromise deprives activists of the time and energy needed to push forward a revolution.
Compromise also does something to the soul I think. It changes it. It creates a false sense of peace and success and it’s very seductive – if I allowed it in, I could sit back and say, well – we did get that.
And for that we should be grateful.

I’m not grateful.  I’m not grateful that folks pushed hard to get ECAA through with a few bells and whistles that are supposed to make me jump for joy.

Those who compromise may have good intentions.  However, I fear some do not – there is much money, ego, and status to be gained by supporting ECAA.”
Peggy Robertson

These mere excerpts are not enough to give full voice to Peggy Robertson and United Opt Out National’s concerns. Please read her full “I’m Not Grateful for Compromise” article from her Peg with Pen blog.

Please share her article widely.


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