OMG: Florida Rep. Bill Posey sends hurricane preparedness email with useless, outdated link.

U.S. Rep. Bill Posey (R) of Florida’s Space Coast, as an imminent hurricane approaches, immediately sent an email to his constituents with a long outdated link that gives no storm watch information. It is useless.  (

Posey hurricane warning

It is so outdated that the link within the link that redirects Floridians to watch the storm’s progress is also dead. (“This link not available.) (

Posey emergency site links

Posey is a long time incumbent in a Republican district that assures his re-election for as long as the present district keeps its configuration. Posey supports privatization, public-private partnerships for schools and other public services, that profit greatly from any crisis. His appeal to Tea Party supporters basically states that government cannot be trusted. With Posey in charge, this is a self-fulfilling prophesy.
Old. Outdated. Useless.

As I and millions of Floridians sit and await the hurricane, Posey and his ilk are responsible for keeping us safe.

God Help America. The legalized corruption called government in Florida certainly is not helping us.



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