What to believe? Greedy teachers, a successful budget director, a warped news account, threat of a shutdown

Teacher pensions are bankrupting a state, the $30,000 per month budget consultant successfully saved the state, the legislature and governor still have no spending plan, the governor praised the consultant’s brilliant success, the consultant suddenly quits in triumph, the state faces a shut down by the governor for lack of budget funding – all in the same article in the Tribune.

Donna Arduin

This is not, unfortunately, a TV soap opera.

This what happens when corporate media propaganda disguises itself as news, as honest journalism.

This causes cognitive dissonance which causes stress and can lead to destructive behavior and damage to an individual’s mental health. On a mass delusional level, this can destroy a country’s ability to tell the difference between image and reality.

From the Chicago Tribune:
“(Illinois) Gov. Bruce Rauner’s “superstar” (Donna Arduin) $30,000-a-month budget consultant is leaving the administration as a stalemated state government continues without a spending plan…

Donna Arduin, who joined the Rauner team in early February, helped the rookie Republican governor put out his first budget proposal, which relied on $2 billion worth of savings from state worker pension cuts that never materialized and that critics said would be unconstitutional…

‘She helped engineer the elimination of an inherited $1.5 billion budget deficit without a tax increase and produced an on-time budget proposal for the governor to present barely more than one month after taking office,’ (Gov. Rauner’s budget chief Tim) Nuding said.”

(Try reading that aloud three times in a row without having your head explode.)

Arduin has worked for California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Michigan Gov. John Engler, New York Gov. George Pataki and Florida Gov. Jeb Bush. And we all know what condition those state economies are in. Successes? No way!

Gov. Bruce Rauner has cut programs for state education programs, for children with autism and for other essential public services impacting seniors and disabled children. He continues to threaten to shut down the state government for lack of a spending bill. This catastrophe may occur very soon.

And the legislatively created crisis (pillage) of teacher pension funds is to blame? How bizarre is that scapegoating?

Cognitive dissonance. Mass delusions. Millions of Illinois residents are suffering.



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