The Rats Are Jumping Ship: Captain Rahm Emanuel Is Still Captain

Mayor Rahm Emanuel may take the entire Democratic Party with him. As Captain Rahm of the appointed school board, wealthy cronies all, Rahm cannot avoid facing yet another corruption laden scandal such as his Chicago Police-As-Killers cover up.

Yet, his past school board CEO is in jail for self confessed corruption which made millions for her and her friends as over fifty public schools were closed for lack of education tax money. There are no accurate numbers available of all the children “lost” during the process. No numbers of the suffering children and parents denied their basic rights to a decent education in decent surroundings are available.

Of course there is more than enough money for charter schools which profit even the appointed school board members who invest in them.

Now Rahm and the gang claim that there is not enough money for teachers and essential education programs. (Rahm had also claimed there was no money for teacher and other public employee pensions until the Illinois Supreme Court told him that there was no way his plans to cut, diminish or abandon pension debts were constitutional.)

The Chicago Teachers Union has a strike vote coming up in a few days, a vote based on Rahm’s latest financial claims and anti-teacher and anti-union ideologies – Democratic Party majority Chicago ideologies. Rahm may take the Dems down with him.

CPS rats jump ship - Rahm Emanuel.001

Well, both the Chief Financial Officer and the Chief Accounting Officer of the Chicago Public Schools jumped ship a mere few days ago. Perhaps they do not wish to share adjoining cells with the ex-CEO of the Chicago Public Schools. Perhaps they live in fear of disobeying Rahm, the head of the powerful Chicago Democratic Party Machine. Perhaps. Perhaps. But “WHY?” is the real question.

Rats jumping ship is totally expected when the ship is ruled by Captain Rahm Emanuel.

Will Rahm resign? Most people living in Rahm’s Chicago would be better off if Rahm was jailed.


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2 Responses to The Rats Are Jumping Ship: Captain Rahm Emanuel Is Still Captain

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  2. Christine Langhoff says:

    Really gross illustration of the problem; totally appropriate.

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