Teachers and police officers may school Rahm.

Rahm is too connected to jail.

Or… is he?

Rahm Emanuel NOT investigated.001

The Chief of Police was fired by Rahm for covering up a police murder. Covered up and paid millions in taxpayer money to the family of the murdered 17 year old black youth. Covered up for 13 months while Rahm gets himself re-elected. Then the head of the “Independent” Police Review Authority, who was personally appointed by Rahm, quits. Next the Chief of Detectives unexpectedly and suddenly leaves.

The CEO of the Chicago Public Schools was imprisoned for fraud. Appointed Board of Education members profit from closing schools and paying charters, charters they are invested in. The Chief Financial Officer and the Chief Accountability Officer of the Chicago Public Schools both jump ship right after Rahm loses an Illinois Supreme Court case which tried to claim that Chicago doesn’t have enough money to pay its debts for teacher and public employee pensions. However Rahm continues to give away millions and millions of tax dollars annually to the connected and their connections. DePaul University, an expensive private Catholic university, will receive millions for building a second basketball arena. Billionaire George Lucas will get megabuck tax dollars to build his museum. The list goes on and on.

But Rahm claims to not have enough money to pay teachers or to keep schools from closing. Even more teachers are scheduled to be fired and even more programs will be cut in schools where children are struggling to survive and become educated. Teachers have a strike authorization vote on December 9, 2015.

So this is where the “schooling of Rahm” stands as of this moment. Two different sets of situations from the police and the teachers could cause the Rahm phenomenon to implode.

Rahm Emanuel is one of the most connected and powerful Democrats in America. He forces a severe Tea Party ideology and a pure Republican austerity program onto Chicagoans. Corruption is bipartisan; billionaires and their political cronies collude and steal from the middle class. The sole ideology is destructive greed. Rahm may drag down Hillary and the entire Democratic Party during the next election.

Yet, somehow, Rahm isn’t even under federal investigation. Why?


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13 Responses to Teachers and police officers may school Rahm.

  1. Annie Tan says:

    Don’t forget Markay Winston who left as head of ODLSS, dept. Of special Ed, in CPS in October.

  2. Well, his former boss (Obama) may be watching out for him at DOJ….

  3. His former boss (Obama) may be watching over him with his minions at DOJ….

  4. kathleen says:

    Dont forget how he gave the 30 million contract to RCM technologies. You know the one where the kids arent being serviced in CPS. What people dont know is that Rahm and the board members of RCm Technologies all worked for exon in 2004. Rahm, frank clark and Gary snodgrass. Not only did they work together they all contribute to his campaign. Must be nice to give a contract to your friends , steal employees and still get away with it. Most people have to buy out contracts and mergers. Not Rahm!! Oh dont forget gaurentee them a 6 year contract first 4 years to get reelected plus 2 years after. When is someone going to put this guy in jail!!!

  5. And let’s not forget how easily Uber and other rideshare companies can break the law with no interference from Rahm. “We’re not a taxi, we just move people for money so we don’t need any regulation” probably made more sense with bribery.

  6. J. M. Bargas says:

    They’re All Crooks and They Run Everything In This Country While They Take From Us and Line Their Pockets While We All Suffer.

  7. Fred Lu says:

    I would add two points on why Rahm is is to not big to jail.

    1) He has earned the attention of the national media in a very negative tone. Progressive libs see his abuse – they are coming out looking for head.

    2) His crimes – payoff of his police chief, a 14 month cover up, $5 million hush money for a ward of the state are not exactly immaterial compound that with city that pay its bills.

    I believe the details of the payoffs would not favorable from a Rahm perspective. Also I believe the White House had knowledge of that issue.

    The MSM has this now and I would bet Rahm has his share of long time enemies .

  8. Fermin Buentello Jr says:

    That’s President Obama’s boy.

  9. He closes 50 schools, then Goldman Sachs opens charter schools to replace them. However, they have a hard time finding teachers to work for less. No problem says Rahm, I’ll have 500 of ’em lined up for you tomorrow.

    • Kathleen says:

      The charters are struggling. They arent staffed correctly. CPS wont even give them money to pay the clinitions. Its so sad. I think its amazing the city is run by millionaires but the biggest company they are running is in debt.

  10. kat says:

    The company RCM Texhnologies just paid out a large sum to each of the board members, but the teachers are losing there pension. I just wish some reporter would break the story on RCM Technologies and how the board member Gary snodgrass was on exelon with him. This is another Barbara Byrd. All the information is online, someone just has to write the story. I hope he goes to jail. There are so many kids not being serviced in CPS right now because of his bad decision. This isnt a black, white, rich or poor thing this is Chicago issue and everyone should call and write to get him out of office.

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