Perhaps President Obama would choose libraries instead of a mausoleum.

Libraries for the living seem much more valuable than a mausoleum for one past political leader.

The Pyramid at Giza is indeed impressive. The dead guy who was in there must have been pretty important in his day.

The President Ronald Reagan Library continues the tradition of burying a VIP’s favorite items along with the personal doodads of the dead leader. Air Force One (a big airplane), his helicopter, his armored limousine, a few extraneous police-type vehicles and other stuff loom inside and above the heads of lunchroom diners and gift shop souvenir vendors. Lots and lots of big kind of important (to him) things abound. There is no mention of the Iran/Contra Scandal, the secret swap of weapons to Iran and those who used the weapons to shoot American troops. Lest anyone think this is merely some anti-republican rant, the President Lyndon Baines Johnson Library has incredible photos and oversized quotations about the war in Vietnam and cute gift shop items. Upon examining these, it appears that we won in Vietnam under his leadership. Some clearance gift items are 50% off.

Obama Library.001

The President Barack Obama Library is projected to cost over half a billion dollars to build in Chicago. The costs of staffing all 17 Presidential libraries is $70 million a year. Staffing comes from tax money alone. Maintenance and stuff is funded by city, county, state, federal, and private sources year after year.

If Chicago Public Schools each had President Barack Obama Libraries built, staffed and funded in a similar manner, imagine how much good these libraries would do for the children in Chicago. Children would love him and his libraries just as we adults revere the libraries we frequented as children, students and adults. President Obama might do for public school libraries what Andrew Carnegie did for public libraries.

Perhaps we should ask President Obama to begin a new trend of helping our living children as his legacy as a soon-to-be past President.
This actually IS for the children.


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2 Responses to Perhaps President Obama would choose libraries instead of a mausoleum.

  1. 2old2tch says:

    What an excellent idea!

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