Support Chicago Teachers: Who will decide to become a Chicago teacher in years to come?

April of 2016 will determine whether public school teachers and parents can save public education against the assault of thieves dressed as corporate education reformers and the corrupt politicians who are intentionally squeezing (underfunding) and dismantling actual public education. Yes, the actions by teachers, parents and others in Chicago is that important. Stark reality.

Chicago Teachers April 2016.001

Here are merely two of us – the present and the past, the active and the retired teachers. At the Chicago Public School Teachers Strike of 1969, I was there as 19,000 of us went on strike. Why did we strike?

Because of CTU’s solidarity and unified action, the Board of Education has finally realized that it must address itself to making a more effective instructional program its priority.”

Yes, we changed the negative direction for the better. It could be done, and was done nearly half a century ago. It needs to be redone today.

Why must Chicago teachers act in April of 2016?

“The world is watching Chicago right now, and how teachers are treated in this city will have historical memory. It will impact who decides to become a Chicago teacher for years to come.”
Michelle Strator Gunderson


Listen to 11 minutes of a more detailed explanation on Tim Slekar’s BusteED Pencils program.

“Let’s Bust some Pencils with Chicago Teachers’ Union President Karen Lewis, Chicago teacher and union activist Michelle Gunderson, and Chicago principal Troy LaRaviere!”



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2 Responses to Support Chicago Teachers: Who will decide to become a Chicago teacher in years to come?

  1. retiredbutmissthekids says:

    Ken, glad to have you back & grinning (& w/gregarious gals Peggy & Michelle). All of you are champions of kids, parents & public education, & we thank you.

  2. Every state, every city, every public school district, every public school is a battle ground and we must resist to save them all with an emphasis on all. There is to be no compromise with the corporate frauds.

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