Does Don DeLillo support Opting Out ?

Does one of our most insightful modern authors, Don DeLillo, support opting out, refusing, corporate education reformers’ state mandated, standardized, high stakes tests?

“Those blanked-out eternities at the airport. Getting there, waiting there, standing shoeless in long lines. Think about it. We take off our shoes and remove our metal objects and then enter a stall and raise our arms and get body-scanned and sprayed with radiation and reduced to nakedness on a screen somewhere and then how totally helpless we are all over again as we wait on the tarmac, belted in, our plane eighteenth in line, and it’s all ordinary, it’s routine, we make ourselves forget it. That’s the thing.”

She said, “What thing?”

“What thing. Everything. It’s the things we forgot about that tell us who we are.”
– Don DeLillo, author of Zero K.

Don DeLillo.001

Substitute airport for state mandated, standardized, high stakes testing and preparation. THAT is how critical thinking skills work as we read fiction. We connect thoughts.

We must decide “who we are” and what we know is best for our children.

Whatever that is, the corporate reformers and their bribed and/or brainwashed politicians must not be allowed to experiment and do harm to our children. Vomiting, headaches, depression, feelings of extreme pressure, and a sense of helplessness are not meant to be part of sane public education. Today’s parents and grandparents were never subjected to these expensive, time wasting, invalid and unreliable tests.

One great place to learn how to refuse state mandated, standardized, high stakes testing for our children is United Opt Out for sample letters to use specifically in each state. It’s time to practice our own form of civil disobedience to save our children. By the way, they are all our children.


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