While viewing John Oliver’s show about the financial onslaught in Puerto Rico by vulture capitalists such as hedge fund managers, crisis investors, giant banks and other economic slaughter masters, suddenly the words blurred. Instead of Puerto Rico, the words became Illinois, New Jersey, California, and other states combined with Chicago, Philadelphia, Detroit and other cities. Teachers and other public service employees (not politicians) are being scapegoated for saving their hard earned wages as part of their pension savings, their deferred income.

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Puerto Rico is the canary in the cage; it is the guinea pig test creature for other American cities and states. Everything happening to the Americans in Puerto Rico is happening to Americans in states and cities across America.The rest of us are merely at earlier stages of this plundering for short term profits for the monied few. Teachers and other public employees are the primary targets of choice. Close public schools for all, fire experienced teachers, crush their unions, reduce salaries (present and future), and their saved sustenance as other public employees await their turns as victims of robbery. Do away with taxes for corporations and billionaires, take salary and pension dollars to pay for other things, sell bonds at exorbitant rates for investors and high fee for fund managers, pass laws to pay for bonds first until everyone else’s money fails. To hell with the crippling consequences as immense short term profits are made. Suffering will follow, but not for politicians or multinational bond investors. An intentional crisis was created for profit and destruction.

We are all Puerto Ricans awaiting the crushing blow of unregulated financial crisis investments. Americans are Americans.

Is there proof of this? Google  the following: puerto rico, pensions, illinois.

Here are a few right wing examples from a simple Google search:

The Illinois Policy Institute – “Puerto Rico’’s near junk-status credit rating reflects its failed pension system, as does the massive penalty rate it pays to borrow money. Similarly, Illinois’ credit rating has taken a dive [investors make usurious profits] as the state fails to pass its own pension reforms. Its borrowing cost is now higher than any other state – and nearly three times that of troubled California.”

The Christian Daily – “Norma Cardoza, Roman Catholic school English teacher for 36 years, expected $930 a month from the church upon retirement but recently this was terminated. The church wrote a letter and signed it off with ‘May God bless you all.'”

The Wall Street Journal – “Like Illinois and other liberal states, Puerto Rico has shortchanged its pensions while buying the votes of its Brahmin public-employee class.”

The American Enterprise Institute – “But they’re already broke. Citizens, elected official and financial markets need to get accurate pension liability figures from Illinois, California and all the other states who are in pension trouble.”

There are many more propagandized corporate controlled media examples of greedy teachers destroying the country. Many more. 

The choice is clear. We must become willing victims and suffer severe deprivations as unregulated vulture capitalists starve us, or we must refuse to be willing victims.

Chicagoans have chosen to fight Democratic Mayor Rahm Emanuel as Illinois citizens are uniting to fight Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner who are both responsible for identical assaults against teachers, public education for all, public service employees, etc. It’s not about the theater of political party politics. It’s about the wealthy owners of these political marionettes who are ripping off America for their own short term profits.

Personally, I refuse to be a willing victim. Organize, unite, and fight for our survival. Refuse to be set up as Puerto Rico has been set up.

*(The Chicago Teachers Union is fighting off the assault being launched by enormously wealthy profiteers who are dismantling public education for all. This is an assault that could plunge a nation and its children into third world status. The outcome of the Chicago fight could change the course of public education on a national basis.)


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