PARCC Threatens and Censors Teachers

Why would a foreign company threaten a teacher and censor social networking regarding tests administered to children all across America? These tests determine which children and schools are losers. They determine teacher ratings and are used to fire teachers. They determine which schools will be closed or receive less funding. Of course these tests are secret. Yes, secret tests with results published by the same Pearson which won’t disclose what the precise contents were. This legalized abuse is a threat to America’s not-too-distant future.

PARCC Threatens.001

When Celia Oyler blogged a critique of PARCC she was censored on Twitter by PARCC and threatened with a lawsuit that could ruin her financially, even if she won. Diane Ravitch was censored by having one of her blog posts disappear. Diane further posted a commentary about the situation which includes quotes by Network for Public Education’s Leonie Haimson. A fellow blogger, Peter Greene, then posted even more about how dreadful and inappropriate PARCC tests are. Yes, there are examples. Now, the entire Edubloggers Network is alerted to this abuse. (Disclosure: I am a proud member of the Edubloggers Network.)

What makes PARCC and Pearson so powerful that they control American legislators and legislative decisions? $$$$$$$$$$$. The same thing that is driving our present election processes.

PARCC is the testing giant arm that profits Pearson PLC. “London-based Pearson, the world’s largest education company and book publisher, is part of the Financial Times Stock Exchange 100 Index, a group of major British corporations that draws investments from many retirement funds.” That’s right, America’s education taxes profit a foreign company based outside the USA to avoid paying as much in American taxes. Then PARCC is packaged into investments for teacher retirement funds. Yes, the same teachers threatened by job loss and reduced or lost pensions.

The important thing right now it to read the original scathing and accurate critique of PARCC (minus anything redacted to assuage PARCC) that needs to be shared and re-shared by you and every teacher, student, parent, and taxpayer who cannot be sued by PARCC because the redactions are there to make certain you cannot be sued. Read Celia Oyler’s post in it’s entirety HERE.

Use your power; use your networks. Let’s end the abusive and expensive Pearson PLC and PARCC. Unite, organize, and fight back. Refuse to be a willing victim. Refuse to allow your children to be victims.



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