Critical Thinking Skills: water fountains, restrooms, and high stakes tests

It wasn’t about water fountains in the ’60s, and it’s not about restrooms today.

Restrooms and critical thinking.001

In order to intelligently respond to this statement, critical thinking skills are necessary. Whether you totally agree, partially agree with stipulations, understand the inferences yet disagree, totally disagree, or understand the surrounding historical comparisons yet want to examine the complexities of the situations, you need critical reading and writing skills.

These skills cannot be bubble tested or machine grades using computer algorithms. That is why the corporate education reform movement and the alphabet soup of high stakes state mandated tests and the expensive test prep materials (paper and online forms) are actually forcing today’s children to think uncritically. The corporate education reform movement is better referred to as the Education Industrial Complex, EIC. It financially supports politicians in both major parties to pass legislation that pays profits to the EIC. It keeps students of all ages well trained and ill prepared to think intelligently. In other words, it prepares obedient workers who believe themselves to be well educated yet are not so.

Critical thinking skills are essential for a well rounded education.

ESSA has words aplenty to read, but attempting to decode the morass of terms and promises will take committees decades to decipher as our children, the guinea pigs of the profit making experiment being run by the billionaire’s in EIC, grow up and complete their formal educations. Our ten year olds will be eighteen or twenty-eight years old as Pearson and the profit making yet tax free foundations fill their coffers with money from public education taxes.

Watch corporate network news today. Watch the distracting fiasco as very important people and TV evangelists battle over yet another created crisis. LGBT rights, which are human rights, have been spun into a semi-logical, merely two sided battle that has distracted us from the horrors of sending more troops into Afghanistan, reducing food for school age children, deciding who will be the leader of our country, and other truly critical issues. Super wealthy TV evangelist sermonizing that claims to think at a higher level is part of the delusional thinking and the side-show distraction that demands our attention on what passes for media news today.

What can we do about it?

To begin, opt out of the testing. Refuse to allow our children to be the obedient guinea pigs for the Education Industrial Complex. By not feeding the EIC the data, the EIC will not be profitable for the non-profit (meaning tax free and tax receiving) foundations spawned by billionaire investors posing as philanthropists.

How can we opt out legally for our children?

One superb organization, United Opt-Out National, has state-by-state lists of sample letters and directions. There are also many, many local organizations that can advise us. Talking about it is useless. Doing it takes time and effort. Our children and their futures depend on us. Let’s do it.


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