Republican Platform: Dept. of Education, nuclear capability, infrastructure, Social Security, minimum wa… No. It’s all a sham.

The 2016 Republican National Convention will begin with Melania Trump introducing the Republican Platform regarding major issues such as the Department of Education’s future, the nuclear capability issue, the infrastructure, Social Security, minimum wage, women’s rights…

No, it won’t. She will not mention these real issues in any meaningful manner.

The entire event is a multimillion dollar sham taking place in one of America’s poorest cities with its history of corporate abandonment, poverty, unemployment, closed schools, privatization, minority suppression and worse. This is Theater of the Absurd complete with celebrity bling and sexy-lady attention grabbing – “all full of sound and fury Signifying nothing.”

We are, yet again, being forced into selecting the lesser of two evils thereby assuring the actual choice of evil. Trump and Company are less than evil; they are incompetence, arrogance, xenophobia, misogyny, racism, corporatism, and the destructive influence of money – lots of money. The system is rotten from within, and this Republican spectacle proves it. Bread and circuses without the bread.

Schools, children, senior citizens, the water we drink, decent job production, the social services which a democratic government exists to empower its people? We and our children, the little people, are mere collateral damage to immense greed.

We need to take the money, recently declared as free speech for corporations, out of our elections, or we will perish slowly and painfully. Many other countries and empires have also collapsed from within. We are not immune.

We need to assure third (and fourth, and fifth, etc.) party candidates of a fair inclusion in our elections at all levels.

We need to fight for our rights, and peaceful civil disobedience seems to be what we must engage in. OPT-OUT of bad governmental rules and regulations.

If the meme below seems offensive, so what! Compare it to the Republican National Convention Burlesque and its Platform for America. Now, that spectacle is OFFENSIVE.


Melania Trump's platform.001


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