“THE PRODUCERS” – Donald Trump and Mike Pence

Months ago my wife and I were talking about the fact that Trump had no substantial stance on public education. He hated teachers and badmouthed “failing” public schools, but he had nothing to say about what he would actually do. Then we noticed that he had no platform building issues on anything except building a fence that Mexico would pay for. He seemed to hate everything and everybody while encouraging hatred from others. He spent very little of his money on his campaign except to pay for services his own companies provided. He didn’t even like Republicans who were campaigning during the primary. He threatened to dump the Republican Party.

He seemed to my wife and me to be on self-destruct.

Eureka! We experienced an awakening.

My wife said, “This is like The Producers by Mel Brooks.” We decided that he was planning to throw the game and take what he could get out of it. But what if the hate-mongering worked, and he won?

The Producers Trump Pence.001

The Producers – the premise of this hilarious farce follows.

“Following the flop of the musical Funny Boy (based on William Shakespeare’s Hamlet) (“Opening Night“), the show’s washed-up producer, Max Bialystock, hires the neurotic Leo Bloom as his accountant. While studying Max’s books, Leo notes that a flop is expected to lose money, the IRS won’t investigate the finances of failed productions. Leo jests by selling an excess of shares and embezzling the funds, a flop could generate up to $2 million. Max asks for Leo’s help with the scheme.”

BUT, the play succeeded!!!!!

Recently in comments on Facebook, Anthony Cody mentioned The Producers. Several news articles from various publications are now openly questioning if Trump really wants to win. The Theater of the Absurd, called the Republican National Convention, has all the spectacle of a bizarre burlesque comedy with funny hats, a loud quasi-fundamentalist revival, an inane old sit-com rerun, and a seedy three-ring circus minus the live elephants.

Also, Barbara Bush, the wife of President George H.W. Bush and the mother of President George W. Bush, was on TV openly stating that she doesn’t understand why any woman would vote for Trump. George Will, the powerful far-right-of-the-far-right writer and commentator, declared he was leaving the Republican Party rather than have anything to do with Trump’s campaign. Many other Republicans have also turned against the only viable Republican candidate.

Producers Max Bialystack and Leo Bloom went to jail for their successful/failed scheme. Of course in America, no one with Trump’s money and connections ever gets jailed for anything. “And justice for all” is a totally meaningless phrase for people such as Trump. Trump even produces his own line of clothes in Mexico and China to avoid paying American employees and American taxes.

Well, this calls for a few clever hashtags for Twitter. Go to it!

By the way, what politicians will support public education for all and stop pretending there are any such things as clean coal and public charters? They seem to be writing a successful/failed play of their own.




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2 Responses to “THE PRODUCERS” – Donald Trump and Mike Pence

  1. retiredbutmissthekids says:

    As to your last sentence, yes…successful for them, a failure for the rest of us.
    The Onion/Second City couldn’t have come up with this stuff. It’s Bizarro World on steroids.

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