LEAD POISONED WATER IS THE TOPIC – “Bridge Over Troubled Waters” are song lyrics.

Lead poisoned water in schools is a major problem in 2016. Lead poisoning during childhood causes permanent brain injury; this has been known for years and has been proven repeatedly.

The Democratic National Convention tugged at our heartstrings by playing and emphasizing the beautiful song, written in 1969 by Paul Simon, “Like a Bridge Over Troubled Waters.”


That is the disconnect between reality and theater, the Theater of the Absurd, that calls itself a Democratic National Convention where issues are supposed to be openly discussed and a political platform is written. The actual platform fails to address fracking or funding for the permanent clean-up of lead poisoned water. Delegates mention this aloud to each other, but the official program has been imagery. The show must go on.

This is why people are disgusted with both presidential candidates and our present elected Democratic and Republican officials across America. They cannot be trusted as long as we and our children are being poisoned.

Infrastructures, that have been intentionally ignored for decades, and fracking are known causes of water poisoning. Clean water is ignored or merely given lip service by our own elected officials in local, state and federal government. Both Republican and Democratic elected officials are guilty of this. Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel (D) claims there is no money for schools and teachers while shoveling hundreds of millions of dollars to cronies for “special” projects and tax incentives. Michigan Gov.Rick Snyder (R) knowingly poisoned the City of Flint, all 100,000 inhabitants of all ages, while claiming that it saved tax money and helped to lower taxes. Other towns and cities in states across the nation are having serious water safety tragedies daily.

Neither Democrats nor Republicans admit poisoned water as a topic or issue in their platforms. Neither party offers possible solutions.

Beautiful song lyrics are no substitute for solutions to poisoned water that causes permanent brain damage of varying degrees. Our children and adults suffer as mind-game playing politicians amuse us to death.



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3 Responses to LEAD POISONED WATER IS THE TOPIC – “Bridge Over Troubled Waters” are song lyrics.

  1. erinerin1234 says:

    I just heard that the U.S. House of Representatives is now drinking bottled water. I don’t have confirmation, and it may be out an abundance of caution. I will keep looking into this.

  2. retiredbutmissthekids says:

    & just think of all that money that is being spent/wasted on FOUR days/nights (both conventions) of what is really just one great big PAR-TAAAAY!!!–after the roll call & announced results, everyone should just…go home.
    Do they really need all those balloons?
    (At least the Bernie supporters aren’t being accused of chair-throwing {as the Wells Fargo seats are stadium seats.})

  3. retiredbutmissthekids says:

    Oh–& I’d like to know–is their bottled water from the Nestle Co.-?!

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