“O say can you see… ?” – Are our children being well educated or merely indoctrinated and trained?

“O say can you see… ?”

Are our children in school being indoctrinated rather than well educated? Merely job trained for control and obedience?

“It took 117 years from the time ‘The Star Spangled Banner’ was written in 1814 until it was legally enshrined as the American national anthem in 1931.”

This occurred under President Herbert Hoover (R), he of Great Depression infamy, who also claimed he was a conservative progressive and a reformer while he openly opposed anti-lynching laws, lynchings of blacks in primarily Southern states that might vote for him. He waved the flag, jingoed some jingoisms and put a band-aid on unregulated corporate economic greed. He set himself up for re-election and lost.

“By the time Key wrote these words, the British military included a regiment of former slaves called the Colonial Marines, whom the British had encouraged to escape and then trained and armed.
In fact, just weeks before on August 24, 1814, the Colonial Marines had participated in the Battle of Bladensburg outside Washington, D.C. The Bladensburg fight was a quick, embarrassing defeat for American troops — something Key knew because he’d witnessed it close up as a volunteer aide to an U.S. general. The British forces, including the Colonial Marines, had then continued to Washington the same day, infamously occupying and torching the White House.”

The White House was captured and burned by Black Americans who were freed and recruited by our enemy, the British. How many textbooks today even mention this stark fact?

“Tellingly, Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr. felt if the song were to belong to the North it would need a new stanza — one he provided, invoking ‘the millions unchained who our birthright have gained.’ By contrast, supporters in the South did not believe it required any changes. ‘Let us never surrender to the North the noble song…’ the Richmond Examiner editorialized in 1861 in the capital of the Confederacy. ‘It is Southern in origin, in sentiments, in poetry, and song. In its association with chivalrous deeds, it is ours.'”

“In the subsequent decades the ‘The Star Spangled Banner’ continued to be contested territory and the subject of what we’d now term a culture war. By the early 1900s, versions of the song that included Holmes’ words were found in schoolbooks in New York, Indiana, Louisiana, and elsewhere.”


How was this accepted in the textbooks of the time?

“When Confederate veterans realized this, they quickly organized to force state governments, including that of New York, to withdraw the textbooks. The New York Times declared that Holmes’ words were a ‘monstrous perversion’ and Holmes himself was a ‘presumptuous ass.’ (The extra stanza has since largely evaporated and is not part of the anthem’s official lyrics.)”

What does this mean to us and our children in grade school through college? Must the spin of the culture wars and textbook slant for political purposes continue? What do multinational and highly profitable testing corporations choose to teach as reality? Feel good memorization versus critical thinking skills? Propaganda is the controlled lie.

“Our current difficulty in facing our past honestly and soberly strongly suggests that we are still a long way from laying it to rest.”

Adults and children must not be denied the truth. What can and must be done?

Read the full excellent article written by Jefferson Morley and Jon Schwarz in The Intercept. All of the excerpts above are from the article.




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1 Response to “O say can you see… ?” – Are our children being well educated or merely indoctrinated and trained?

  1. Steve Ruis says:

    And why do we play the damned anthem before every sporting event? Does any other civilized country do this? (No.) And why do we accept “standing” and “taking your hat off” and “putting your hand over your heart” while the anthem is played as patriotic activities in lieu of actual patriotic acts?

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