Dismantling Public Education: 1926 insight into 2016 corporate education reform programs and tests

Teacher, historian and philosopher Will Durant cut through the ideological propaganda of his era and ours. We must do the same, or we and our children will suffer and die in well indoctrinated semi-ignorance and poverty. Civil disobedience and the dissemination of truth are necessary.

“Perspective was lost. ‘Facts’ replaced understanding; and knowledge , split into a thousand isolated fragments, no longer generated wisdom.”

Just prior to the Great Depression of 1929, this corporate designed caste system was exposed for what it actually was. The brilliant Will Durant pointed out the main social/corporate schism of that time and predicted what is occurring today.

“The gap between life and knowledge grew wider and wider; those who governed could not understand those who thought; and those who wanted to know could not understand those who knew. In the midst of unprecedented learning, popular ignorance flourished and chose its exemplars to rule the great cities of the world; in the midst of sciences endowed and enthroned as never before, new religions [ideologies] were born every day, and old superstitions recaptured the ground they had lost.”

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We are continually lied to and propagandized via corporate controlled media into believing that dehumanized corporate education reform and state mandated standardized high stakes testing are somehow magically transformed into individualized learning via standardized computer programs. The politico/corporate euphemism is “competency based education” which is machine-made profit for the multinational Education Industrial Complex. CBE is a spiffy brand name for mere conformity disguised as formal education.

“Individualized” and “standardized” do not belong in the same sentence. This is illogical logic.

The Industrial Education Complex promises fewer doses of their poison as a “compromise” to their data (fact?) based and highly profitable indoctrination disguised as education.

Our children have become mere consumers and data gatherers/producers. Our children, not the children of the super wealthy,  are being dehumanized and their personal learning and emotional needs are becoming either mechanized or ignored.

Why is all of this being inflicted upon our children as “advanced technology and progress”?

“For if knowledge became too great for communication, it would degenerate into scholasticism and the weak acceptance of authority; mankind would slip into a new age of faith [ideology], worshiping at a respectful distance its new priests [ideological leaders]; and civilization, which had hoped to raise itself upon education disseminated far and wide, would be left precariously based upon a technical erudition that had become the monopoly of an esoteric class… No wonder that all the world applauded when… [people] sounded the call for the removal of these barriers and the humanization of modern knowledge.”

* Will Durant – in the 1933 preface to the second edition of his 1926 book, The Story of Philosophy.

The old enemy of 1926 is the same greed in new 2016 corporate packages. Please do whatever you can do to halt this present assault against our children, the assault that is  dismantling public education. Competency based education and daily online instruction and testing along with the federal guidelines of ESSA are private-profit driven programs that harm our children and diminish their futures.



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