America’s Public Education for All and America’s Foreign Wars

While the USA rebuilds war torn foreign countries with the aim of helping them flourish independently, the establishment of decent public schools for all is deemed a necessity.

What are our taxes paying for in the foreign countries we have bombed?

Not expensive and unproven high stakes testing of various brand names, not profitable privatization via charter schools, not a labor pool of cheap and uncertified replaceable instructors called teachers, not substituting online learning for actual human and humane teaching, not pretending that data is both knowledge and wisdom, not allowing billionaire’s with so-called philanthropic foundations and propaganda laden think tanks that actually make billions of dollars of tax free money to decide what children must do.

Decent public education for all is a mainstay for peace and prosperity, and everybody knows it. American tax money pays for this – in the foreign countries we bomb.

war and domestic policy.001

The September 2016 issue of Harper’s Magazine has a superb and lengthy account of a panel forum titled Tearing Up the Map. Its focus is on international relations. Of necessity America’s war endgames and rebuilding policies include decent public education for all. Access for all.

“Look at northern Iraq after the 1991 Gulf War, which was a hugely successful example of American intervention. Iraqis in the northern third of the country had assisted in what we wanted to do…

We viewed it as a long-term mission where you didn’t have people living in tents. You built long-tern housing for people. You had schools. You grew [what you hoped to be] a generation of political leadership…

We created a safe space for ordinary politics to achieve the legitimate aims of the people.”

Specifically, what thinking and planning preceded this?

“There are societies that are governed by the rule of law by the consent of their people, with freedom of expression. Where these things exist… you see stability, and prosperity, and innovation. Where there are deficits in the rule of law, consensual government, and freedom of expression is where we see problems burgeoning around the international order…

Those of us who enjoy these privileges are losing confidence that these values are universal or that we need to fight to advance them in the world.”

Once we doubt that we need these values, or that we need to fight to maintain these values, we risk stability, prosperity and more among the multiplicity of attributes that America displays before the world.

Who would sell us out?

Florida’s Gov. Rick Scott, Chicago’s Mayor Rahm Emanuel, Illinois’ Gov. Bruce Rauner, Connecticut’s Gov. Dan Malloy, New Jersey’s Gov. Chris Christie, and every Democratic and Republican elected official whose “ideologies” are in actuality financial profit for themselves and their campaign donors.

The insane financial waste of America’s unending foreign wars robs us and our children of a decent standard of living while slaughtering our own members of the armed forces along with hundreds of thousands of innocent human beings around the earth.

Dismantling public schools for all and supporting the agenda of the powerful and wealthy Educational Industrial Complex owners and investors equate to national suicide. Big Pharma, Big Agra, Big Oil, and Big EduReform investors and money managers are destroying us for their own short term profits.

Corruption as government must end – or we as individuals will end.

Civil disobedience is necessary.

Please do what you can, where you can, and when you can. Organize locally and join together statewide and nationally.



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1 Response to America’s Public Education for All and America’s Foreign Wars

  1. ciedie aech says:

    Sad that once our country has gotten used to the idea of having to fight against a Prison Industrial Complex and a Military Industrial Complex, we must now add the need to stand up against an Educational Industrial Complex to the list.

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