“It is NOT your right to despair.”

The despair we are experiencing with a sociopath billionaire as the unelected President of the United States who is declared President by the Electoral College is palpable. Naming sociopaths of his ilk to his Cabinet is also enough to throw us into despair.

Bernie Sanders gives us all his sage advice, advice which is not for wimps.



Find others in your area. Unite.

Organize. Refuse to accept what we know is wrong. Get into the streets. Unite.

Never, ever be a willing victim. Unite.





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6 Responses to “It is NOT your right to despair.”

  1. retiredbutmissthekids says:

    To those unable to see/her speech–his Miami College appearance (yesterday) was broadcast, live, on CSPAN2 (& then was later re-broadcast). He will also be appearing TONIGHT–8 PM (ET) in Boston, so check CSpan2 for that, as well. 2 other dates: Nov.28, Free Library of Philadelphia (no time given); December 2, 1st Presbyterian Church of Berkeley, Berkeley, CA (no time given).
    Check listings!! Also–probably on YouTube (I think they were filming in Naperville.) The speech was an hour, &, believe me, it is WELL worth seeing. Also, read his new book, Our Revolution–very clearly laid-out plans as to our next steps. $27 (cause that was the average contribution!). If they haven’t as yet, encourage your local library to make a purchase–EVERYONE needs to read this book. The, stay calm & carry on. Don’t agonize…organize!

    • Ken Previti says:

      I am an active member of We Are Brevard which was Brevard County for Bernie. We are part of Our Revolution. I am,as far as I know, the oldest member of the group – which doesn’t say a hell of a lot for older white males on Florida’s Space Coast.

  2. siglisowski says:

    Despare and disbelief helped usher in the death of over 6 million souls!

  3. Fernando Rendon says:

    Right there with you Brother!

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