Dark Money, Betsy DeVos, Blackwater, Lamar Alexander, Erik Prince and our children




Jane Mayer in her 2016 New York Times bestseller, Dark Money, intersperses the DeVos family scandals from page 15 to page 360. Yes, Betsy Prince DeVos, the prospective Secretary of Education, is the sister of Erik Prince of Blackwater mercenary infamy.

Senator Lamar Alexander, the elderly republican Chairman of the Health, Eduction and Pension Committee, is pulling DeVos through the cogs of the Congressional Confirmation Hearings. The senior senator’s ultra-right wing history and his connections with the Military Industrial Complex and the Corporate Education Industrial Complex are legion; it would take most of a day to google his background and connections. Sen Alexander is cheating in as many ways as he can get away with in order to skate through the spectacle.

Betsy’s brother, Erik Prince, has garnered hundreds of millions of dollars per contract for his mercenary Blackwater (later renamed XE Services and then Academi) corporation which was and is involved in one deadly and scandalous operation after another.

At this moment, Prince has been exposed as the adviser to the Trump transition team, the same team that vets Cabinet choices, one of which just happens to be his billionaire sister who just revealed that Betsy DeVos has been listed as a director of her mother’s super-right-wing foundation due to a “clerical error.” The Elsa and Edgar Prince Foundation, of which she is officially the director of , happens to channel funds to organizations declared as hate groups by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Hate groups are one thing; this death squad for public education is worse yet. Our children’s fates are in their hands, their greedy and corrupting hands.

The fact is that Betsy Prince DeVos and Erik Prince should both be thoroughly investigated, tried and jailed. Why will this never happen? Because they are billionaires in a country that does not have “liberty and justice for all.” With their lawyers, money and connections they are truly above the law since they finance the lawmakers, such as Sen. Lamar Alexander through campaign contributions filtered through corporations and foundations interlinked to PACs and Super PACs which are currently considered legal by many lawyers and legislators.

Would you trust your child’s fate with any of these people?




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1 Response to Dark Money, Betsy DeVos, Blackwater, Lamar Alexander, Erik Prince and our children

  1. ciedie aech says:

    scary to read this when Trump is now bragging that he’ll have tanks and guns and military parades to celebrate life in a new “great” America

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