When did the Catholic school teacher ban occur? Never.

American children in Catholic schools were traditionally taught by nuns, nuns who took a sacred vow of obedience to the Roman Catholic Church and the Pope in the Vatican in Rome. American Catholic school teachers were by-and-large nuns.


During WWII against the Axis Powers of Germany, Italy and Japan, the years of deadly battle created incredible and long lasting animosities against these enemies. In America, Italian and German stores and restaurants were burned as many police authorities turned a blind eye to the assailants; Japanese-Americans were interred (detained and robbed of their properties and livelihood) as American authorities invaded, searched and plundered many of their homes and workplaces.

The Roman Catholic nuns, who dressed as many Muslim women today dress, were not “detained” or searched. Their garb was a point of open ridicule by Klan members in a few parts of America, but American authorities did not ban or threaten to make their garb illegal by American law. No attempts were made to ban their travel.

Even after WWII, the McCarthy era witch hunts were not directed at the “habits” worn by nuns; no American authorities attempted to make their vows illegal. Catholic nuns were not declared un-American by elected officials.

Today’s fear mongering, hate spewing elected officials feel free to scapegoat women who wear Muslim garb. Many Muslims, male and female – young and old, are detained, refused travel which is open to all others, and bodily searched due to the targeting of “suspect” peoples. Scapegoats for American political inadequacies.

“Make America Great Again?” Americans have become proof to the world that man has evolved from the lower animals. Some have evolved less than others, and they have been elected to positions of power and authority. God help America; our elected majorities in Congress and our President are certainly not helping America.

What can we do about this and all of the other shock-and-awe affronts? Resist.

Resist in every way you can devise. We have each other to rely upon. This works by being a reliable person who loves his/her neighbor as himself/herself. Resist.




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