Democrapublican posturing and Betsy DeVos: the Overview

Will Secretary of Education nominee Betsy DeVos’ opposition vote unity by Democrats succeed? Unity? But what about the $$$$$$$$$$$$$ involved?

After U.S. Secretaries of Education Spelling, Duncan, and King, will there be any other Secretary of Education who will support public education for all? Will Democrapublicans support public education for all?


Democrapublicans vote their pocketbooks, their future career shifts into well-paid corporate advisory committees that do no require attendance, their received donations for their own “foundations” and campaigns, and other self-serving methods of ill-gotten gain. They vote and smile for photo ops during their posturing periods. 

What politicians of either major political party give a damn about our children, our teachers, our schools or our futures? Very few. Democrapublicans in a corrupt system certainly don’t care when money and power can be gained.

There is a Democratic unity opposition-posturing and blustering for purposes of deceiving the public that has been forced to beg for each issue vote; this has become the reality of today’s bipartisan corruption as government. Corruption as government is brought to you by huge corporate interests whose public/private partnerships have become household names and daily conversations. The multinational investors who are the Education Industrial Complex finance Democrapublicans. 

There are REASONS people mourn that there is ONE corporate PARTY. Democrapublicans. Tim Kane, the Democratic vice-presidential candidate who lost, has voted for each of Trump’s nominees up until the show of party unity against DeVos.

Prior to the last election, I was told in public by a Democratic Party official in Brevard County, Florid that she and several other people had attended a rally with Tim Kane as the speaker. We were told that he was just a “regular” guy like all of us. Photo ops were generously granted by this regular guy. People posted their photos with him on Facebook. What proof of his regular guy authenticity was offered us?

It’s nonsense to say that Tim Kaine is a regular guy because he posed with his open collared shirt and rolled up sleeves while sporting a big smile. I doubt that Benedict Arnold rolled up his sleeves while wearing an open collared shirt and smiling for engraving-ops with the little people. Arnold had no Facebook opportunities, and once he was discovered for what he did, he had to leave the country. Today’s mockery, this imitation of old fashioned politics must end.

Please speak truth to power at every meeting you attend locally or nationally. These abuses must end, or our country will end while maintaining its outward facade as the United States of America.

The new corporate USA could continue as “one nation, under a particular American Christian God, with liberty and justice for all corporations and foundations who are people under the law.”





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