Who will next sell-out our children’s futures in the name of God and Country?

How can government be run as a business, a public/private partnership in education and the advancement of technology? Easy. Hand federal funds to corporations who will drain as much profit as possible into their coffers and damn the consequences. Use a front, a shill, who shovels funding to private organizations and politically connected tax-free religious institutions and their wealthy leaders who wave the flag covered cross as a sacred emblem. Billionaire heiress Betsy DeVos wants to be that next shill.


Who will next sell-out our children’s futures in the name of God and Country?

Please don’t engage in magical thinking and denial. Presidents George W. Bush, Barack Obama, and Donald Trump have played their parts of this corporate sell-off of our children’s futures. Secretaries of Education Margaret Spellings, Arne Duncan, John King, and next (?) Betsy DeVos.

The reality is that it’s all about money and power. The Education Industrial Complex is no chimera. Look at the New York Stock Exchange for investment opportunities. The big money is from multinational investors. You can buy into it if you choose to.

All of the players will financially benefit personally and for their Big-Two Political Party of choice.

Our indoctrinated children will believe they are educated. Our country will still have the same name, flag, symbols and attached non-essentials, but the republic will be an empty shell. The middle class will be a blurred memory. The welfare and good of the people will no longer be served. Public education will be the scorned “government schools” as teachers become script reading whatevers. Vouchers and online indoctrination are the ultimate corporate goal as they package education for sale like brands of soft drinks or cigarettes.

Is there any hope?

Resist. Resistance has won other wars in other ways in many lands including the infant USA in its fight for freedom against the cruel empire of the British in colonial day.

Be part of the Resistance Movement. It is a civic duty to help change occur. Join whatever local or national groups that provide organization for resistance. You choose. Choose to help in your own way.




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1 Response to Who will next sell-out our children’s futures in the name of God and Country?

  1. ciedie aech says:

    You hit the nail on the head in exposing the “pre-scripted” page-by-page school curricula game: turning teachers into low-paid and easily replaced “script reading whatevers.”

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