How much does it cost to sell your vote and soul to DeVos?


Senators sell their votes. This used to be illegal. It was called corruption for which elected office holders could go to jail. Today with PACs, SuperPACs and new laws made by lawmakers who take this money, it is now legal. Perfectly legal.

Illegal “Quid pro quo” has been replaced by “The money has been transferred – now vote this way.” Needless to say, Betsy Prince DeVos has made use of this legality through her husband’s Amway fortunes. She is an heiress who buys senators – legally.

How much does a senator cost? Similar to other people who sell themselves for money, the cost varies. Voting to dismantle public education for all and the futures of our children is not free for a DeVos. Many believe that is like selling your soul.

See the Huffington Post article in full and see their simple list.


Isn’t it surprising how cheaply senators sell themselves? For a billionaire, it’s mere chump change. For our children, it is ruined futures, priceless futures.




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