Married teachers, their children, and President Trump’s supporters

My friend Darcey Addo and her husband, Dan, are teachers on the Space Coast in Brevard County. They have two young children in the public schools. They are sweet and loving people. Here is Darcey’s own account of one witnessed incident that occurred to them during President Trump’s “campaign” stop in Melbourne, Florida on February 18, 2017.


Last post about 45’s visit, but I feel compelled to share some reflections:
* Dan and I raise our kids to know the importance of civic engagement and, when necessary, political dissent. To us, that’s American. To those who judge us as parents for raising kids who understand their Constitutional rights to assemble, to speak, to petition…I cannot understand your logic. I’m glad that my children will be able to defend their rights. One day you may silently thank us as we defend your right, too.

* To the grown man Trump supporter who thought it was acceptable to get inches from my eight year old daughter’s face with your rally sign and shout at her nearly nose-to-nose: you give the word “deplorable” a whole new meaning.

* To the 40 or 50 Trump supporters who stood and watched this grown man invade the personal space of my little girl, watched him get down in her face and shout at her: is this the GREATNESS that you talk about? Or maybe it’s OK because it wasn’t your child…?
* To the protestors who saw the same interaction and saw Dan (and the cops) spring into action, thank you for rallying around my family. I didn’t know most of you, but humanity and decency is a compelling force that binds us.

Today I saw division like I’ve never seen before. We are far beyond simple political disagreement. When a man can do to a child what he did to my daughter and EVERYONE – literally EVERY SINGLE PERSON from the Trump side stood watching in support, we are in a really bad place. I am so grateful for the Melbourne PD who kept my husband from knocking that man clear into next week.

* No matter what, we MUST NOT normalize this behavior or this presidency. We MUST NOT become complacent. #WhyIMarch


Darcey’s account ends here.

You are probably wondering what caused or provoked the incident. There is one detail which Darcey’s Facebook post omitted to mention since her friends are all aware of it.

Darcey is white, and her husband, Dan, is black.

The man who accosted their eight year old daughter is white.

No arrest was made.



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2 Responses to Married teachers, their children, and President Trump’s supporters

  1. ciedie aech says:

    THE MOST important rallying care — perhaps in all of the years that the USA has been in existence: No matter what, we MUST NOT normalize this behavior or this presidency.

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