Albert Camus, President Trump, Betsy DeVos, U.S. legislators – and our task

President Trump’s successful appointment of Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos was the sole nomination opposed by all Democrats.


All of the other nominees received approval votes from some Democratic legislators. Therefore all supportive Republican legislators and those Democratic legislators who voted with them are to blame for the life endangering appointees who threaten us with the dismantling of public education, the dangers of fracking, and the lack of necessary regulations regarding everything from healthcare and climate change to economic safeguards against the predators on Wall Street.

What does that mean to those of us who are attempting to resist the entire corporate attack that makes a mockery of the declaration articulated in the preamble of the U.S. Constitution to “promote the general welfare” of all Americans?

It means that we must RESIST and remember our duty to defend ourselves “against all enemies” who seek to take away our Constitutional guarantees.

“Each generation doubtless feels called upon to reform the world. Mine knows that it will not reform it, but its task is perhaps even greater. It consists in preventing the world from destroying itself.”
– Albert Camus

With that clear, we must do what we can to actually prevent our country from destroying itself and all of us.




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