Bigfoot and Public Education

Approximately 35% of Americans believe that President Trump is doing an acceptable job. The same percentage, though not necessarily the same people, believes in Bigfoot.

Betsey DeVos is Secretary of Education. Rick Perry is Secretary of Energy. Jeff Sessions is Attorney General. Ben Carson is Secretary of Housing & Urban Development. Rex Tillerson is Secretary of State. Steven Mnuchin is Secretary of the Treasury. Sonny Purdue is Secretary of Agriculture. Ryan Zinke is Secretary of the Interior. Scott Pruitt heads the Environmental Protection Agency. The American leadership list goes on. All of these people have the same responsibility which is to dismantle their respective agencies as they exist for their given purposes. Yes, President Trump appointed them, but they were all corporate-chosen and approved by both houses of Congress – nearly all were granted approval with votes from both political parties.

Yet, approximately 35% of Americans believe that President Trump is doing an acceptable job.


Mass propaganda presented by mass media sponsored by immense corporate wealth has defeated actual public education.

Ask Bigfoot.

(At this point we must do all we can to resist the corruption called government. Do it locally and at-large. Do whatever you are are capable of doing as you see fit. We have each other – no more, no less. #RESISTANCE #resist.)




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