99 Years of Progress Erased – unless we fight back

Public healthcare for all? Public education for all? What is being done to our monetized children regarding their potential healthcare and their existing education, with its state mandated high stakes testing preparation that is accompanied by data mining, is immoral.

The unscrupulous political endorsement of these practices brought to mind a public comment made 99 years ago by Eugene Debs as he stood in court awaiting ten years of imprisonment for violating the infamous Sedition Act which was later repealed by Congress.

Eugene Debs on September 18, 1918 declared the following in open court.

I am thinking… of the little children who in this system are robbed of their childhood and in their tender years are seized in the remorseless grasp of Mammon… I see them dwarfed and diseased and their little lives broken and blasted because in this high noon of Christian civilization money is still so much more important than the flesh and blood of childhood. In very truth gold is God today and rules with pitiless sway in the affairs of men.”

Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos publicly invokes God’s intentions – according to DeVos. I’m sure that Debs is referring to her actual God – according to Debs.

Nearly one hundred years of progress are being erased because of the insatiable greed of multinational billionaires and the malleable behavior of American civil servants appointed by corrupt politicians who are paid by those very same rapacious masters of greed.

Our children deserve a decent and sufficiently funded public education by well educated and certified teachers.

Our children deserve full medical coverage regardless of their parents’ employment status or income; they need single payer healthcare.

Can it be done? Medicare-for-All is provided by all advanced countries except the USA.

Corruption as government must end or our children are doomed. Organize and resist.




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