Albert Camus, President Trump, Betsy DeVos, U.S. legislators – and our task

President Trump’s successful appointment of Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos was the sole nomination opposed by all Democrats.


All of the other nominees received approval votes from some Democratic legislators. Therefore all supportive Republican legislators and those Democratic legislators who voted with them are to blame for the life endangering appointees who threaten us with the dismantling of public education, the dangers of fracking, and the lack of necessary regulations regarding everything from healthcare and climate change to economic safeguards against the predators on Wall Street.

What does that mean to those of us who are attempting to resist the entire corporate attack that makes a mockery of the declaration articulated in the preamble of the U.S. Constitution to “promote the general welfare” of all Americans?

It means that we must RESIST and remember our duty to defend ourselves “against all enemies” who seek to take away our Constitutional guarantees.

“Each generation doubtless feels called upon to reform the world. Mine knows that it will not reform it, but its task is perhaps even greater. It consists in preventing the world from destroying itself.”
– Albert Camus

With that clear, we must do what we can to actually prevent our country from destroying itself and all of us.




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“Tonight’s award goes to BETSY DeVOS.”

“And the award goes to BETSY DeVOS, the U.S. Secretary of Education, who is also a billionaire heiress and a proud self-proclaimed Super-Christian who wants to use America’s schools to, as she puts it, ‘advance God’s kingdom.

DeVos is awarded for her CHRISTIAN HYPOCRISY. Recently she smilingly joked at a conservative conference that she wished to tell a progressive liberal politician that, “There is no such thing as a free lunch.”

This statement, of course, is a direct rebuttal of Jesus Christ’s own proclamation to feed the hungry.


This diatribe by the U.S. Secretary of Education reveals the Christian Hypocrisy endorsed by Betsy DeVos who should know that 21.5 million children rely on free or subsidized lunches in schools across America.

Now, THAT’S Hypocrisy! (Pause for audience applause.)

Betsy, please step forward and say a few words.”


This particular blog post is, of course, a satire.


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Married teachers, their children, and President Trump’s supporters

My friend Darcey Addo and her husband, Dan, are teachers on the Space Coast in Brevard County. They have two young children in the public schools. They are sweet and loving people. Here is Darcey’s own account of one witnessed incident that occurred to them during President Trump’s “campaign” stop in Melbourne, Florida on February 18, 2017.


Last post about 45’s visit, but I feel compelled to share some reflections:
* Dan and I raise our kids to know the importance of civic engagement and, when necessary, political dissent. To us, that’s American. To those who judge us as parents for raising kids who understand their Constitutional rights to assemble, to speak, to petition…I cannot understand your logic. I’m glad that my children will be able to defend their rights. One day you may silently thank us as we defend your right, too.

* To the grown man Trump supporter who thought it was acceptable to get inches from my eight year old daughter’s face with your rally sign and shout at her nearly nose-to-nose: you give the word “deplorable” a whole new meaning.

* To the 40 or 50 Trump supporters who stood and watched this grown man invade the personal space of my little girl, watched him get down in her face and shout at her: is this the GREATNESS that you talk about? Or maybe it’s OK because it wasn’t your child…?
* To the protestors who saw the same interaction and saw Dan (and the cops) spring into action, thank you for rallying around my family. I didn’t know most of you, but humanity and decency is a compelling force that binds us.

Today I saw division like I’ve never seen before. We are far beyond simple political disagreement. When a man can do to a child what he did to my daughter and EVERYONE – literally EVERY SINGLE PERSON from the Trump side stood watching in support, we are in a really bad place. I am so grateful for the Melbourne PD who kept my husband from knocking that man clear into next week.

* No matter what, we MUST NOT normalize this behavior or this presidency. We MUST NOT become complacent. #WhyIMarch


Darcey’s account ends here.

You are probably wondering what caused or provoked the incident. There is one detail which Darcey’s Facebook post omitted to mention since her friends are all aware of it.

Darcey is white, and her husband, Dan, is black.

The man who accosted their eight year old daughter is white.

No arrest was made.



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How much does it cost to sell your vote and soul to DeVos?


Senators sell their votes. This used to be illegal. It was called corruption for which elected office holders could go to jail. Today with PACs, SuperPACs and new laws made by lawmakers who take this money, it is now legal. Perfectly legal.

Illegal “Quid pro quo” has been replaced by “The money has been transferred – now vote this way.” Needless to say, Betsy Prince DeVos has made use of this legality through her husband’s Amway fortunes. She is an heiress who buys senators – legally.

How much does a senator cost? Similar to other people who sell themselves for money, the cost varies. Voting to dismantle public education for all and the futures of our children is not free for a DeVos. Many believe that is like selling your soul.

See the Huffington Post article in full and see their simple list.


Isn’t it surprising how cheaply senators sell themselves? For a billionaire, it’s mere chump change. For our children, it is ruined futures, priceless futures.




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Who will next sell-out our children’s futures in the name of God and Country?

How can government be run as a business, a public/private partnership in education and the advancement of technology? Easy. Hand federal funds to corporations who will drain as much profit as possible into their coffers and damn the consequences. Use a front, a shill, who shovels funding to private organizations and politically connected tax-free religious institutions and their wealthy leaders who wave the flag covered cross as a sacred emblem. Billionaire heiress Betsy DeVos wants to be that next shill.


Who will next sell-out our children’s futures in the name of God and Country?

Please don’t engage in magical thinking and denial. Presidents George W. Bush, Barack Obama, and Donald Trump have played their parts of this corporate sell-off of our children’s futures. Secretaries of Education Margaret Spellings, Arne Duncan, John King, and next (?) Betsy DeVos.

The reality is that it’s all about money and power. The Education Industrial Complex is no chimera. Look at the New York Stock Exchange for investment opportunities. The big money is from multinational investors. You can buy into it if you choose to.

All of the players will financially benefit personally and for their Big-Two Political Party of choice.

Our indoctrinated children will believe they are educated. Our country will still have the same name, flag, symbols and attached non-essentials, but the republic will be an empty shell. The middle class will be a blurred memory. The welfare and good of the people will no longer be served. Public education will be the scorned “government schools” as teachers become script reading whatevers. Vouchers and online indoctrination are the ultimate corporate goal as they package education for sale like brands of soft drinks or cigarettes.

Is there any hope?

Resist. Resistance has won other wars in other ways in many lands including the infant USA in its fight for freedom against the cruel empire of the British in colonial day.

Be part of the Resistance Movement. It is a civic duty to help change occur. Join whatever local or national groups that provide organization for resistance. You choose. Choose to help in your own way.




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Democrapublican posturing and Betsy DeVos: the Overview

Will Secretary of Education nominee Betsy DeVos’ opposition vote unity by Democrats succeed? Unity? But what about the $$$$$$$$$$$$$ involved?

After U.S. Secretaries of Education Spelling, Duncan, and King, will there be any other Secretary of Education who will support public education for all? Will Democrapublicans support public education for all?


Democrapublicans vote their pocketbooks, their future career shifts into well-paid corporate advisory committees that do no require attendance, their received donations for their own “foundations” and campaigns, and other self-serving methods of ill-gotten gain. They vote and smile for photo ops during their posturing periods. 

What politicians of either major political party give a damn about our children, our teachers, our schools or our futures? Very few. Democrapublicans in a corrupt system certainly don’t care when money and power can be gained.

There is a Democratic unity opposition-posturing and blustering for purposes of deceiving the public that has been forced to beg for each issue vote; this has become the reality of today’s bipartisan corruption as government. Corruption as government is brought to you by huge corporate interests whose public/private partnerships have become household names and daily conversations. The multinational investors who are the Education Industrial Complex finance Democrapublicans. 

There are REASONS people mourn that there is ONE corporate PARTY. Democrapublicans. Tim Kane, the Democratic vice-presidential candidate who lost, has voted for each of Trump’s nominees up until the show of party unity against DeVos.

Prior to the last election, I was told in public by a Democratic Party official in Brevard County, Florid that she and several other people had attended a rally with Tim Kane as the speaker. We were told that he was just a “regular” guy like all of us. Photo ops were generously granted by this regular guy. People posted their photos with him on Facebook. What proof of his regular guy authenticity was offered us?

It’s nonsense to say that Tim Kaine is a regular guy because he posed with his open collared shirt and rolled up sleeves while sporting a big smile. I doubt that Benedict Arnold rolled up his sleeves while wearing an open collared shirt and smiling for engraving-ops with the little people. Arnold had no Facebook opportunities, and once he was discovered for what he did, he had to leave the country. Today’s mockery, this imitation of old fashioned politics must end.

Please speak truth to power at every meeting you attend locally or nationally. These abuses must end, or our country will end while maintaining its outward facade as the United States of America.

The new corporate USA could continue as “one nation, under a particular American Christian God, with liberty and justice for all corporations and foundations who are people under the law.”





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When did the Catholic school teacher ban occur? Never.

American children in Catholic schools were traditionally taught by nuns, nuns who took a sacred vow of obedience to the Roman Catholic Church and the Pope in the Vatican in Rome. American Catholic school teachers were by-and-large nuns.


During WWII against the Axis Powers of Germany, Italy and Japan, the years of deadly battle created incredible and long lasting animosities against these enemies. In America, Italian and German stores and restaurants were burned as many police authorities turned a blind eye to the assailants; Japanese-Americans were interred (detained and robbed of their properties and livelihood) as American authorities invaded, searched and plundered many of their homes and workplaces.

The Roman Catholic nuns, who dressed as many Muslim women today dress, were not “detained” or searched. Their garb was a point of open ridicule by Klan members in a few parts of America, but American authorities did not ban or threaten to make their garb illegal by American law. No attempts were made to ban their travel.

Even after WWII, the McCarthy era witch hunts were not directed at the “habits” worn by nuns; no American authorities attempted to make their vows illegal. Catholic nuns were not declared un-American by elected officials.

Today’s fear mongering, hate spewing elected officials feel free to scapegoat women who wear Muslim garb. Many Muslims, male and female – young and old, are detained, refused travel which is open to all others, and bodily searched due to the targeting of “suspect” peoples. Scapegoats for American political inadequacies.

“Make America Great Again?” Americans have become proof to the world that man has evolved from the lower animals. Some have evolved less than others, and they have been elected to positions of power and authority. God help America; our elected majorities in Congress and our President are certainly not helping America.

What can we do about this and all of the other shock-and-awe affronts? Resist.

Resist in every way you can devise. We have each other to rely upon. This works by being a reliable person who loves his/her neighbor as himself/herself. Resist.




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Divide and Conquer: “This proposal would devastate retirees and their surviving spouses.”

Cities and state politicians have simply refused to pay their legally required pension obligations for decades. They have borrowed from and/or created bonds based on pension systems. By continued underfunding (theft by taking owed money and giving it to others) and layering interest on interest, the guaranteed impoverishment continues its cancerous gnawing. These same politicians are now aiming to victimize the victims of their systemic theft as they themselves posture politically as “saviors” of the systems. To use Vietnam era logic and language, “We had to destroy the village to save the village.”

Destroy the pension system to save the pension system – at the price of suffering and impending doom to human beings who were part of the hard working middle class. These blamed victims are now demonized as lazy and undeserving.

TODAY: Cleveland employees are being threatened. This is NOT new or a Trump executive order. The ongoing systemic plan (not a mere conspiracy theory) is a long range working plan for pension raiders on a national basis.

“The reductions were made possible under a 2014 law that, for the first time, allowed financially troubled pensions to shrink payments to retirees if it would improve the health of the fund. Prior to the law, troubled pension plans could only cut benefits for current workers. Reductions for retirees were only possible after a fund had become insolvent.


However, many bond holder investors are promised high interest levels and security to the investors first rather than to retirees first.

As reported earlier nationally,

“This proposal would devastate retirees and their surviving spouses. The proposal would also torpedo basic protections of the federal… pension law … that
once benefits are earned they can’t be cut back.”

To further dismantle governmental safeguards and to profit the bondholders and the politicians whose campaigns receive contributions from the financial interests who will profit from this savagery, the political system preaches ideologies which are mere smoke and mirrors allowing pension managers and emergency managers to fill their own pockets and the pockets of those they actually serve. Corruption as government shifts into yet even higher gear. American retirees are treated as collateral damage, the war euphemism for innocent victims who are maimed and murdered.

“Several of the nation’s large multi-employer pension plans are on a course that would leave them insolvent within a decade. If that occurred, the federal insurance fund that protects the retirement benefits of more than 10 million Americans… could collapse.

In a proposal made more than a year ago, a coalition… said the only way to salvage the most distressed pension plans… is to allow them to cut retirement benefits before they run out of money.

This is illogical logic once the backgrounds and purposes are disclosed. Savage logic.

Teachers, counselors, mental health workers, and all public employees are under attack – even after they pay for their own retirement with each paycheck’s mandatory contributions. Systemic theft by politicians is ignored and unpunished.

At whatever age, we must take to the streets or allow yet another step of divide and conquer to cripple and kill us financially and physically.




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Dark Money, Betsy DeVos, Blackwater, Lamar Alexander, Erik Prince and our children




Jane Mayer in her 2016 New York Times bestseller, Dark Money, intersperses the DeVos family scandals from page 15 to page 360. Yes, Betsy Prince DeVos, the prospective Secretary of Education, is the sister of Erik Prince of Blackwater mercenary infamy.

Senator Lamar Alexander, the elderly republican Chairman of the Health, Eduction and Pension Committee, is pulling DeVos through the cogs of the Congressional Confirmation Hearings. The senior senator’s ultra-right wing history and his connections with the Military Industrial Complex and the Corporate Education Industrial Complex are legion; it would take most of a day to google his background and connections. Sen Alexander is cheating in as many ways as he can get away with in order to skate through the spectacle.

Betsy’s brother, Erik Prince, has garnered hundreds of millions of dollars per contract for his mercenary Blackwater (later renamed XE Services and then Academi) corporation which was and is involved in one deadly and scandalous operation after another.

At this moment, Prince has been exposed as the adviser to the Trump transition team, the same team that vets Cabinet choices, one of which just happens to be his billionaire sister who just revealed that Betsy DeVos has been listed as a director of her mother’s super-right-wing foundation due to a “clerical error.” The Elsa and Edgar Prince Foundation, of which she is officially the director of , happens to channel funds to organizations declared as hate groups by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Hate groups are one thing; this death squad for public education is worse yet. Our children’s fates are in their hands, their greedy and corrupting hands.

The fact is that Betsy Prince DeVos and Erik Prince should both be thoroughly investigated, tried and jailed. Why will this never happen? Because they are billionaires in a country that does not have “liberty and justice for all.” With their lawyers, money and connections they are truly above the law since they finance the lawmakers, such as Sen. Lamar Alexander through campaign contributions filtered through corporations and foundations interlinked to PACs and Super PACs which are currently considered legal by many lawyers and legislators.

Would you trust your child’s fate with any of these people?




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